President & Ceo's Message


Todd M. Rogow, MPA, CHCIO Todd M. Rogow, MPA, CHCIO President & CEO

It was an eventful year at Healthix, with exciting opportunities that set us on a firm path toward expansion—not only in healthcare, but in a variety of social service and technology sectors. Together, we worked diligently to enhance the overall quality of life for all New Yorkers.

Of course, one of the most personally rewarding high points in 2019 was being named President & CEO of Healthix, after serving as the organization’s CIO for four years. I look forward to leading Healthix into the new decade—as we commit ourselves to innovation and serving our Participants. Our recently launched Innovation Fund will support the development of promising health technology ideas that serve the specific needs of our Participants. Additionally, new partnerships with organizations such as Fidelis Care, the Veterans’ Administration, and independent physician associations allow us to stretch our vision for what is possible and create a bridge between technology and meaningful solutions to human problems.

Finally, we are thrilled to enter the final stages of a merger with the New York Care Information Gateway (NYCIG). The consolidation of our two HIEs will offer greater benefits for Participants and their patients and clients, while creating efficiencies and delivering quality. We look forward to embarking on this journey with amazing partners like you, helping us to chart the way!

Here’s to a wonderfully productive and rewarding new year…

Todd M. Rogow
Todd M. Rogow
President & CEO


Mobilizing health information across our communities to advance patient care.


The trusted partner, sharing health information to improve people’s lives.


  • Purpose: We are dedicated to improving the health of the community.
  • Innovation: We are passionate about building innovative and lasting solutions.
  • Respect: We respect the strengths that make each of us unique.
  • Accountability: We own what we do and share our success.
  • Teamwork: We think independently, speak openly, and act collectively.
  • Harmony: We foster joy and work-life balance.
  • Growth: We constantly learn and embrace challenges.

Healthix Board

Healthix’ success can be largely credited to the guidance provided by our dynamic, professionally diverse board of directors, led by Richard Donoghue, our outgoing board chair. During his 10 years of leadership, Healthix grew from several dozens of participating facilities to over 7,000, and a small core staff grew from 5 to over 70 employees. “I’m happy to have accomplished what was needed to establish Healthix’ reputation and value among Participants and industry leaders,” said Donoghue.

On January 2, 2020, Dr. David I. Cohen, an existing board member, stepped into the role as the board’s new chair. Donoghue and Cohen represent different stretches of a strategic journey for Healthix, leading to greater Participant and consumer value. “The next phase of our work will be devoted to enhancing the value proposition of clinical data exchange in order to meet the specific objectives of our Participants,” said Dr. Cohen. Given the emphasis on value-based care across the healthcare industry, Cohen adds, “The value of data exchange is not simply about volume but rather its use to benefit multiple populations and manage care efficiently and effectively.”

“I’m happy to have accomplished what was needed to establish Healthix’ reputation and value among participants and industry leaders.” Richard Donoghue

“The value of data exchange is not simply about volume but rather its use to benefit multiple populations and manage care efficiently and effectively.” Dr. David I. Cohen


Physician Practice

“Health information exchange is critical to how we practice medicine. If you don’t have this feature, it’s going to be virtually impossible to maintain continuity of care with your patients.”
Ryan Cahill, DO Primary PartnerCare

Public Health

Healthix has worked with the AIDS Institute of the NYSDOH for nearly a decade, providing valuable data to support detection and improve the long-term care of people living with HIV/AIDS.

                                                    Health Facilities
Mental Health Facilities

“Alerts are an important first step to inform and enhance care coordination, providing smarter care for vulnerable populations through data sharing.”
Gerald Engel, New York State Office of Mental Health

Services Expand

In 2019, Healthix services continued to evolve from delivery and retrieval of patient data to more sophisticated methods of integration and SMART features that use logic-based capabilities. Discovery services such as predictive analytics and reporting lend valuable insight into patient health and gaps in care. At the same time, de-identified data continues to prove an asset to researchers citywide.

Data Delivery

  • Healthix Alerts & Alerts+
  • Healthix SMART Alerts
  • Healthix Clinical Information Update (CIU)

Data Retrieval

  • Healthix Query
  • Healthix Query+
  • Healthix SMART Query

Data Discovery

  • Healthix Analytics
  • Healthix Research Exchange
  • Healthix Insights