Moving Forward

Healthix & NYCIG to Merge

Healthix and NYCIG await pending approval by the New York State Attorney General’s Office. The merger of the New York City and Long Island RHIOs will result in operating efficiencies, upgraded services, and a vast expansion of available data—resulting in better service to the thousands of organizations, providers, and patients currently served by the RHIOs.

Healthix NYCIG

2020: A year of expansion & opportunity

Our goals set by the New York eHealth Collaborative to support the SHIN-NY include participation and consent expansion, data completeness and enhancement, systems reliability, strengthened security, and improved customer satisfaction. Healthix will continue its steadfast efforts to reach and surpass these goals in 2020.

Additionally, Healthix has its own organizational goals: increasing customer and staff engagement, and the enhancement and evolution of new Healthix services to meet the needs of our customers. Healthix is actively pursuing new grants and business opportunities that align with the changing healthcare landscape, and provide value for our participating organizations.

2020: A year of expansion & opportunity


“We’re collaborating with our Participants to identify challenges and develop solutions to bring value and improve patient care and outcomes.”
– Todd M. Rogow

In 2019, Healthix established a fund to invest in the creation of new or enhanced services that bring value to our participant organizations. Allocated from projected earnings, the Innovation Fund has served as a resource for projects that are important to our customers. Funded projects strive to advance care coordination, drive better patient outcomes, and support initiatives that assist New Yorkers in accessing personal healthcare data.

Integration of social determinants of health (SDOH) into HIE from systems used by FQHCs to collect SDOH data is an example of a vital project to identify the most vulnerable populations (e.g., homeless individuals) and provide a fuller picture so providers and health plans can improve clinical outcomes.

What’s Next?: Value-Based Care

As we work with Participants and partners to extract clinical significance from our data, value-based care initiatives are an important focus for Healthix in 2020.

This effort will involve standardizing alerts to further support the 16 health insurance plans that are in our network. These plans will also collaborate with Healthix, CHCANYS, and several FQHCs on social determinants of health tools.

Work with City and State Departments of Health on quality care and measures will also be a major focus, especially those related to chronic care issues. Finally, we look forward to the expansion of our analytics products, as we develop our qualitative measure calculations and prepare to enhance our population health services.



Protecting Data; Providing Security

In 2018, Healthix achieved HITRUST CSF® Certification and HITRUST Certification of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, specifically for InterSystems’ HealthShare, HBI Solutions’ Spotlight Analytics Platform, and supporting infrastructure. The certification process, designed to manage risk, improve security, and meet compliance requirements for public HIEs in New York State, is part of an evolving process to meet rigorous state and federal security requirements.

Today, Healthix remains committed to meeting stringent security standards by achieving another security milestone, MARS-E (Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges). Established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), MARS-E adds many new controls specific to HIEs and the protection of PHI, PII, and FTI. Attestation is required by CMS before an HIE can be considered as a recipient of Medicaid Confidential Data.